This church is overseen and served by Elders under the headship of Jesus Christ who guides us by His Word, the Bible. All the Elders have equal standing in the church, but their precise function may vary a little according to each man’s specific gifting. While the terms 'Elder' and 'Pastor' are used synonymously in the Bible, we use the term Pastor following its common usage to describe an an Elder who is financially supported by the church, enabling him to devote his time to serving the church unhindered by secular employment responsibilities (see our Constitution for further details).

The Elders are called as leaders in--and examples to--the church, but it is the whole body, uniting each individual’s varied gifts, which works together as a living organism to serve and glorify Christ, the head. That being the case, other than visiting speakers, all formal avenues of service in the church are usually undertaken by members who have expressed their commitment to the church and to its Articles of Faith. Non-members who are regular in attendance and committed to the well-being of the church may be able to serve in the church by agreement of the members on a case-by-case basis.

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